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Twentyman and Little Pip Saga – This book and this saga, is the fuel to this whole Book Club, with these books, we hope to bring you Trills, Adventure and Excitement

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Ambitious Animals Collection – After reading these books we hope you will feel Ambitious, Inspirated and Focused.

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The Plinky Plonker Stories – Our vison for these books are to bring you Joy, Laughter and Smiles.


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Early Entrepreneur  - Feeling entrepreneurial? Hopefully you will be if these books can help give you the tools to be Creative, Courageous and Disciplined.

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To Be ContinuedAs we have already mentioned, we hope to Grow, Improve and Continue our vision for The Ambitious Plonker Book Club.


T-shirts Why not join the club? Get your very own t-shirt and become an Ambitious Plonker!

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Original Logo

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Girl Logo

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Boy Logo

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Boy/Girl Logo

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Slogan T-shirt

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Original Logo

Notebooks / Sketch Books

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Sketch Book

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