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The Ambitious Plonker: Scott Findlay

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How did I become an Author, I have absolutely no idea. However, what I do know, is that since the age of around fourteen years old, I always thought it would be a great idea to write down my dreams from my previous night’s sleep. Why? Well because I would story tell these dreams I’d had to my friends whilst walking to school that morning, and it was agreed, that within all the craziness of my dreams, there was a story to be made. Unfortunately, as it so happened, I never did write them down, and life went on, until now 20+ years later.  


It wasn't until one of my good friends had an Unexpected Adventure, that I decided to start writing these little stories of mine down and I realised how much enjoyment I got from doing so. However, keep in mind, that after draft writing my first story book, it was another 6 year later before I brought my story to life. Why? I guess life got in the way once again. 


Then along came my first-born child, who by the way is absolutey ponkers (smiley face). We have created such a special and silly bond, that we would just freely start talking, shouting and role playing the most bizarre things, things such as The Plinky Plonker. Now I have two children, and I have no doubt my second child will be just as ponkers as my first (smiley face). Within all the silliness, it has inspired me to keep a journal of these special moments I have with my children, and that journal will then hopefully be brought to life through the books we create. 


I do consider myself an ambitious person, I have always had big and crazy dreams, some that I have achieved and some that I still strive towards. These ambitions over the years have grown with me and shaped me into the man I am today, which I hope my family and friends view as a happy, loving, ambitious, successful, plonker of a Father and Husband. A big ambition of mine was to one day start a family of my own, which I now have and cherish dearly. Over these short years of family life, I have wondered how I will one day explain to my own children that having big dreams and being ambitious is a wonderful gift, and how they should definitely try and explore them. One night, whilst putting my first-born child to bed and getting ready for her bedtime story, I decided to just make up a story out loud and see what words rolled off my tongue. Within minutes we were talking about animals, and what Ambitious Animals we all are in this world, and that hopefully one day she will go on to achieve her own dreams and ambitions in life. What came of it, the idea of the Ambitious Animals book collection. 


Books and me: Throughout my youth and teens I didn’t read many books, which is a regret of mine. However, we all know not to dwell on the past, and of course fast forward to today, I now do love to read books. I read because I, like many other people, find them very beneficial to everyday life. My preferred choice in books, are ones that make me laugh, educational, or books that help inspire me to continue doing the things I want to achieve. Below is a short list of the books I have enjoyed over the years - 

·         Richard Branson’s - Screw It Lets Do It! 

·         Gerry Glanville – Elvis Don’t Like Football

·         Robert T Kiyosaki – Rich Dad, Poor Dad 

·         Peter Crouch – How To Be A Footballer

·         David Goggins - You Can’t Hurt Me

·         Billy Connolly – Windswept & Interesting

What these books and many others have done, is help me find my passion and purpose in life and have given me the inspiration I need to move forward. I do believe that if we can create such similar passion within this book club, to inspire and drive others, then that would be amazing. To aid this, I hope to create books that will help children and others, develop the early-stage skills to becoming an Early Entrepreneur.  


Now in the space of all this happening, my own ambitious edge gave me another nudge, although I never dreamt of being an Author of any kind, but I do now believe myself and my family can offer something of value to the world through my vision for these books. Partly because of the ‘big kid’ in me and partly because I want to reach out and help inspire children and adults around the world to reach their full potential. Hence, The Ambitious Plonker Book Club was born. 

So, what's next? Well hopefully we can continue to create books with good meaning and laughter and help inspire people around the world to follow their own dreams. And who knows, I might even decide to start writing down all my crazy dreams from 20+ years ago. (smiley face) . Just Remember,

"Be Ambitious, be a Plonker"

Scott Findlay

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